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I’ve spent the past couple of weeks wearing a Moto 360, and in this post for VentureBeat I recap my experience. It’s not just having to charge the thing before the day is done that sinks this smartwatch, it’s having to charge it in a chunky cradle that you can’t hope to pocket. Looks like I’ll be waiting a while longer before I buy a smartwatch… question is, how long?

Your con-call invitation isn’t as enticing as you think

I enjoy talking shop, but not so much when I first need to call a toll-free number, punch in a four-to-six-digit code, press the pound key, speak my name after the beep and be dumped into a cybernetic void in which I must wait to hear the sound of another human voice.

Con-call invite from OutlookNo, I’m not a fan of conference calls. Part of that is a common rationale–they allow a PR minder to be on the lineand make sure…

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File today’s post at Yahoo Tech under “It was my understanding that there would be no math involved in this column.” I waded through some  complicated math and convoluted price plans—seriously, Sprint, why do you hate me?—to suggest your best bets for an iPhone 6 price plan, and to implore the wireless industry to make shopping for a smartphone less of a spreadsheet-intensive process. Any odds they’ll listen to me?

Weekly output: iPhone upgrades, iPhone 6 cases, safer retail payment options

Although I was out in the Pacific time zone this week, I didn’t go to Cupertino for Apple’s event Tuesday.

Halfway around the world in less than two weeks

I racked up 13,686 miles in the air over the last two weeks–with about 21 hours on the ground between each trip–and yet the experience didn’t physically destroy me as I expected. Color me pleasantly surprised.

Thinking of homeThe stage for this exercise in propping up the airline industry was set last January, when the wireless-industry group CTIA announced that it would consolidate its two annual conventions…

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This week’s usatoday Q&A covers a reader’s surprisingly-timely question (the guy sent in this query before this week’s Apple news) about how to pay more securely when you don’t entirely trust the security of a retailer’s point-of-sale systems. FYI, you should not entirely trust the graf about the safety of Softcard, the NFC payment system formerly called (ick) Isis; I had a source tell me something that seemed to check out, but the company says that isn’t so.

One of the more amusing sights at the “Super Mobility Week” trade show in Las Vegas earlier this week was iPhone 6 cases from companies that have yet to see or touch an iPhone 6. In this Yahoo Tech story, I explain how they could pull that off, and why that makes a certain category of iPhone-rumor story a little more credible in my mind.

My contribution to Yahoo Tech’s coverage of Apple’s dog-and-pony show today: Why it’s financially unwise and technologically sketchy to buy a new smartphone ever year. This won’t actually stop any anxious iPhone 5s owners from running to a store, right?

Weekly output: iCloud hack (x4), LG G Watch R, Intel Core M, IFA, TiVo apps

After a week in Berlin to cover the IFA trade show, I’m home, but not for long enough—late tomorrow morning, I start making my way to Vegas for…

This week’s usatoday column is one of those that does a better job of explaining why a problem exists than of outlining how to solve it. Why? The answer lies more in my neighborhood than TiVo’s