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Reporting, writing and analysis about consumer-tech issues by Rob Pegoraro. Because I like to play with the English language, not just random gadgets.

This morning’s Yahoo Tech column is unlikely to win any applause from Apple PR. In it, I implore the company to answer its customers’ concerns on the public Web and in social media like, you know, every other functioning company in America instead of relying on leaks and not-for-attribution statements to selected media outlets. Never gonna happen, right? 

Weekly output: Maker Faire, Apple flubs, unlocked iPhones

I should be using this space to go over my weekend at the Online News Association’s conference or what I’m up to this week, but I really just want to talk about seeing Jordan Zimmermann’s no-hitter at Nats Park today. I’d never seen one before. And in an alternate scenario, I wouldn’t have changed my original flight back from Chicago to United’s 8 a.m. departure, or that painfully-early flight wo…

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Newspaper alumni need the occasional reunion too

CHICAGO–I’m here for the Online News Association’s annual conference, and it’s been pretty great so far. Not necessarily for all the panels and discussions (although they’ve been good too, especially Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile’s explaining how news sites and advertisers need to focus on time spent instead of page views, then Texas Tribune editor Amanda Krauss discussing how changing the “Like”…

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This weekend’s usatoday Q&A unravels a mystery about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Can you get it in an unlocked version like the iPhone 5s and 5c, even though the phrasing at Apple’s site suggests otherwise?

I wrote an extra post at Yahoo Tech recapping some of Apple’s own goals over the past 11 years. It’s amazing how these stories blow up. And a little embarrassing when you see the media pile-on that results.

My report for Yahoo Tech about Maker Faire spotlights two things that caught my eye: the name-brand corporate presence and the non-analog side of the festival. I’m glad I went… and kinda puzzled about what took me so long.

Weekly output: cell-phone lane, iPhone 6 pricing, wireless carriers, Moto 360, iOS app bandwidth

NEW YORK—I spent two fascinating days here checking out Maker Faire (and catching up with some old friends), and now it’s time to head home.

I am convinced that the per-app bandwidth-usage tracking Apple introduced in iOS 7 is the least-known feature in that operating system—I can’t remember mentioning it to iPhone users and not having them ask how to get to it. So for this week’s usatoday column I explain how to use it and remind readers that iOS 8 now estimates each app’s battery usage, a wonderful (but overdue) form of app accountability.

Question: What should I charge Apple for documenting its mobile OS? 

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks wearing a Moto 360, and in this post for VentureBeat I recap my experience. It’s not just having to charge the thing before the day is done that sinks this smartwatch, it’s having to charge it in a chunky cradle that you can’t hope to pocket. Looks like I’ll be waiting a while longer before I buy a smartwatch… question is, how long?

Your con-call invitation isn’t as enticing as you think

I enjoy talking shop, but not so much when I first need to call a toll-free number, punch in a four-to-six-digit code, press the pound key, speak my name after the beep and be dumped into a cybernetic void in which I must wait to hear the sound of another human voice.

Con-call invite from OutlookNo, I’m not a fan of conference calls. Part of that is a common rationale–they allow a PR minder to be on the lineand make sure…

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